Are you thirsty enough?

As I write this, Johannesburg is still waiting for its summer rain. And the rains are very late. But the high temperatures came early. So, the ground is dry, the grass is scorched and the plants that bloomed early are wilting. And that is just in my garden. I am not a farmer looking at the crop’s survival, or working for the City and watching the dam levels drop. All I know is that the earth seems to be crying out for rain – it is desperately thirsty, and that thirst isn’t being quenched.

The land is thirsty.

I get the same sense from the people around me, too, whether they are thirsty for the seemingly elusive justice for the wrongs committed against them and others, or thirsty to gain power in a situation where others lord their power over them, or thirsty and desperate to gain that thing that will finally fulfil them and give them joy in their lives.

The people are thirsty.

This leads me to question if we as Christians are thirsty enough for God’s word. I am not just talking about going to church and listening to a Sunday sermon. I am referring to that deep hunger and thirst to search for what the Lord has to say to us as individuals, to receive His word and let it seep into every part of our being, constantly growing to live and act and react as Jesus would. Are we thirsty enough to search for God’s ultimate truth in a world that likes to have ‘many truths’? Are we thirsty enough to be filled with the great power of the Holy Spirit and boldly stand in Jesus in this compromising society, as the disciples did in Acts?

Because if we are not, then our souls are thirsty, too.

We can pray for rain, join a climate change movement and do our part in looking after the plant. But we cannot quench the earth’s thirst.

We can ask God to show us which battles to pursue and which to let go, we pray for our oppressors and enemies, and we can try all sorts of activities to find fulfilment, but we cannot quench the need for justice in the world.

We can, however, quench the thirst of our souls by turning to Jesus, meditating on His word and filing our hearts minds and lives with all things that are of Him. He is there, offering the living water, but it is up to you to drink from the spring.

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