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  1. Morailane Majoe says:

    I’m reading from the book (CREATING SPACE FOR STRANGERS by David Evans) that Gideon was sceptical about his potential when God send him to Midian to save Israel. In God’s strength and assistance, he managed. Gideon saw God’s work in ways he would never have imagined (Judges 6-7).So I say ‘if God can use Gideon, He can also make use us’ to serve others.

    1. Gary Rivas says:

      God created us to do good works and expand his kingdom. Christ’s example to us is through serving and loving others, so indeed – God can use any one of us to serve others and do his work. We just need to be available to him.

  2. George Proxenos says:

    Thank you Bishop. My reading this morning was Luke 11:1-13 which I believe is confirmation of your message.

    1. Gary Rivas says:

      Great to hear, George!

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