Chosen: Not Chosen

Sunday 13 May, Gracepoint Church, Johannesburg

In Acts 1:15-17 we read about how the disciples chose to replace Judas with one of Jesus’ other followers.  There are two things I picked up from this reading:

Firstly, the only qualification that the new disciple needed, was that they had to have the presence of Jesus in their lives.  It wasn’t about how they preached, what connections they had or what they could bring to the disciples’ mission of spreading the word.  The only thing they needed, was to have been with Christ from his baptism to his ascension.  Why? Because the disciples understood that anyone who had Christ in their lives, would have the ability to do Christ’s work.  If you want to do more for Christ, then you need to grow in your relationship with him.  And in order to do that, Christ has to be present in your life.

Secondly, we never hear about these two candidates again.  This shows me that God chooses ordinary people to do his extraordinary work.  Just because these two candidates did not have great stories written about them, does not mean that they didn’t contribute to building the early church.  Often, we think that we have to achieve certain things, achieve some level of greatness in the world’s eyes in order to do great things for Christ.  But, it is the ordinary people, doing the things that God has given them to do, that has made the greatest impact on others.  You are never too ordinary to do God’s work.

God wants everyone to be part of his kingdom and he will give everyone a chance to be chosen to do his work.  The question is, are you hearing his call through spending time with him? And are you ready to do his work, just as you are?

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