Vlog: The Discipleship Struggle

Discipleship comes from the word discipline.  So, in order to be good disciples, we need to be disciplined in the various aspects of our Christian life.  But so often, we put it off for ‘when I have time.’

Lent is a time to focus on three of these disciplines – fasting, prayers and acts of charity.  I want to use the Lent to create disciplines in my life that become habits.  But it can be tough.

What aspects of your Christian life do you struggle to be disciplined in?

Let me know at connect@centralmcsa.org

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  1. Graeme says:

    Hi Bishop

    Thanks for your reflections.

    My struggle is a consistent “spiritual practice” ; whether prayer, fasting; quiet time and annual retreats/ being still, and/or worship.

    I find my walk with God and in life is anchored by a regular and deeply embedded practice or practices. At the moment it is inconsistent.

    Lent period helps!


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