A life that pleases God

Life that pleases God.jpg

Hebrews 11:5 speaks about one of the heroes of the faith: a man about whom not much is written in Scripture, but has the distinction of being only one of two people not to face death, but simply transitioning from this life to the next without having to endure dying. We don’t know much about Enoch, but we know that he pleased God. His life reminds me that the ultimate goal of each of our lives is to please God. We can spend so much time trying to please others, that we lose perspective of that crucial fact.

So how do we please God? Here are three simple thoughts:

1. A life that pleases God bears fruit.

Jesus told his followers that their outward actions, or the fruit of their lives revealed what’s going on inside them (Matthew 7:15-32). Hearts set on God and on the right things will bear good fruit. When we bear much fruit, by staying connected to Jesus, God will be glorified and pleased (John 15:1-8).

2. A life that pleases God is one that yearns to know Him better.

Enoch “walked with the Lord” (Genesis 5:24). One of the most crucial questions we should be asking ourselves is “How can I get to know God better and grow closer to Him?” We often take our relationship with God for granted and don’t put in the time and effort in cultivating it. Many of us take on too much. Even too many good things is not good. We have to be making the time to grow our relationship with God and know Him more intimately.

3. A life that pleases God is one that is lived with gratitude.

We seem to live in a culture of complaining, but God is delighted by a grateful heart. What are the things for which you need to be thanking God right now? How can you change your perspective from a complaint-perspective, to a gratitude-perspective?


I pray that when my life is summed up, as Enoch’s is in Hebrews 11, that people will be able to say about me, “He pleased God”. There is no higher calling in life than that.


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