Do the honourable thing Mr. President – Release from the MCSA

  The Methodist Church of Southern Africa welcomes the unanimous judgement by the Constitutional Court on the Nkandla matter. Of crucial importance is comment by Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng that “ours is a genuine and vibrant constitutional democracy capable of self-correction and self-preservation… and that the rule of law is imperative for the survival of…

Human Rights’ Day

Human Rights’ Day Today we celebrate human rights day – and it is a bittersweet celebration. On the one hand we celebrate the fact that the constitution of our nation is one of the best and most progressive in the world, affording us the basic rights that identify and uphold the dignity of every person….


Unity is such a little word, and yet, it is something that is difficult for human beings to attain. Division and divisiveness seem to be our natural state. We somehow naturally tend towards exclusion, towards cliques and accepting only those who are like us. We find reasons to think we are better than others and…

University protests and racism in SA

  The last few weeks have been a time of upheaval in our nation in the form of student protests with the ugly reality of deeply rooted racism and prejudice exposed once again. Students who have worked hard to get into university have been denied their ability to attend classes and engage in their studies….