The difference between a grave and a rut. 

In the last two weeks I have had the privelage of being completely surprised by two legends. The first is a leader I met through the Global Leadership Summit in Dar es Salaam. Mbutho took over a struggling organization in that country. Although he was running several businesses, he saw the need for leadership training and took over the leading of the local GLS. In the short time that Mbutho has lead the GLS in Tanzania, he has lead it from strength to strength. While I was speaking to him last week, it became apparent that even though things were incredibly well with the GLS in Tanzania, he spoke at length about some of his vision for the GLS in that country. He could have just kept the status quo, but that isn’t what a great leader does. He spoke of taking the GLS to Zanzibar in December and a host of other really exciting ideas to grow the GLS. The GLS is now run in Universities and colleges. I put the phone down to him and was inspired by his grander vision. 

The other legend was our Worship Director at Gracepoint. Greg has lead the worship department in ways that has changed the way we as a church understand true worship. It’s not only seen in the way he inspires and finds new talent for our teams, or in the way he shares the leading of worship with other gifted worship leaders, but in the way he sees something even greater. We are truely blessed as a church to have teams lead us the way they do in our times and acts of worship. Greg asked if he could have a meeting with me a while ago and unpacked a vision for worship in our church and how it could have an impact in our country and continent. As I sat and listened to him speak with passion about where he felt God was leading him, I sat back amazed at his desire to do even greater things for God. He could have looked at what was going on in our church and been quite satisfied with the progress him and his team had made. But great leaders never do that. They continue to see God’s direction, they relentlessly seek to be Spirit-led, they strive for more of God in what they do, they never settle for mediocre, they dream big. 

Leaders like Mbutho and Greg inspire me as a leader. They remind me that the difference between a rut and a grave is 6 feet.  

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