A Prayer worth Praying

Every Sunday at Gracepoint, one of our Elders prays over the offering. This Sunday, Ryan Till prayed a Holy Spirit led prayer, that I think is worth sharing;

Reflecting back on this week we are conscious of victims of tragedies – Boston bombings. We have many tragedies in our own country, and in our community. Sometimes we somehow manage to convince ourselves that the effect of bad is greater than the effect of good. And we forget the impact we have seen of good things. We seem to put less weight to the things you do in this community that have transformed families, individuals, businesses, relationships, lives that are slaves to addiction, people who have been broken by circumstances out of their control. 

We are reminded that Jesus first miracle many years ago was one not even He was prepared for – one of turning water into wine. 

And so we stand with faith in a plan that you have for each one of us, and the way we too touch lives. Help us to move forward today, this morning, without knowing, or worrying about where it is you are taking us. Help us accept that the work you can do through our life, our experiences, our testimonies, may be something we never fully understand or actually see the whole of. Help us to have faith that its not about the timing we know, but that it’s about a plan much bigger and more prosperous than we could imagine. 

As we turn to pray for the offering, we realise that this money will be used to do things just like this. Lives will be touched and hope given, way beyond what we could do with the same money in our own lives. We pray for the community of servants who give, collect, account for, store, allocate, disperse and administer this money. And we pray that we may be truly moved by the fact that you do so much with what is essentially so little to us. Amen

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  1. Pastor Thami Ntongana says:

    This is a powerful prayer beyond measure and may the Good Lord bless all his people in Boston. Lastly, may the sovereign Lord continue to show his favour to the People of Gracepoint and the Clergy in the church.

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